02 First steps

A video about moving from note to note with general balance of volume, also in this video a little bit about the distance between notes and playing symmetry.

04 Tip of finger

This technique is one that creates the clearest and fullest sound, since It excites the tone field from the center with very little finger surface.

06 Harmonies And Chords

Exploring different ways to play a few notes simultaneously, playing chords with different finger combinations and demonstration how to use It musically

07 Harmonics

What are the pantam's harmonics (overtones) where are they located and how to mute or emphasis them, to types of isolation techniques and demonstrations

10 Rolls

In this video, you will find 3 types of rolls and how to practice them. These rolls compliment the sound of the pan and can add a lot to your playing style

11 Sing the ding

Two techniques to make the ding sing, which means to create a continues sound (Similar to a Tibetan bowl or bow instruments) this is a really nice effect that give your playing a cool twist.

14 Four Elements

This video is about the four important elements/dimensions of playing, Dynamics, speed, accuracy and feel.