Hi and Welcome to playpantam.com

Why set up an video lessons site? well, I’ve decided to create this site to make pantam technique easier to learn with fast immediate access online to the videos with a variety of techniques that compliment Pantam/HandPan playing in my mind as a player and maker.

Since the pantam is relatively a new instrument in the world, on a global scale there are not so many players that use a wide variety of different techniques, the gap to bridge between you and your Pantam is mostly technical and my goal is to help and support you in creating bridges and have a solid versatile connection to your instrument!

With each technique, you create another bridge, after you experiment and practice the techniques on the site you will have a few bridges between you and your pan and a stronger connection, you will also feel more comfortable and confident!

I have recorded 14 videos with some important techniques and the way I practice them, with a tool box of techniques you can really express yourself and have more fun with your pan playing!

It takes time, and every technique requires practice time! For me it’s about giving and receiving, we give the pan our time and devotion, practice the same movements repetitively and the more we practice the better we get back from our pan playing.

The content on the site is a result of more than 10 years of playing, teaching one on one lessons and workshops, and as a pantam maker my playing is also guided by what I think and feel regarding the lifespan of the pantam and the general sound quality.

I’m very excited to share with you these videos!


Enjoy the site !


Ortal Pelleg Player/teacher/Maker of Flow Patam


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